Developing and managing sales channels

is much more than simply searching for business partners and signing distribution agreements with them. The real question is: what do we have to do in this market to get (more) sales? There are many things you need to consider when the route to your customers is via third party channels.
We have compiled a short list for you to think about.


Our concept

Potential channel partners typical point of view:

"Your company's product looks really good, but... Our current supplier takes good care of us. 
So why should we switch to your solution?"

  • Its not all about selling the product
  • Its more about complying with the desired customer experience
  • The product / service represents often 80% of the costs and efforts but only counts for 20% of the impact
  • Consequently channel management is extremely important as a differentiator and as a source of competitive advantage


Based on hundreds of client projects we would like to share with you a list of the most common pitfalls companies often experience when trying to engage potential channel partners. Please click here to get more information.


Globally, product and technology

are becoming less important factors to obtain sustainable competitive advantage. Product-based differentiation is harder to sustain.

Service, support, channels and the people in the channels are increasingly making the difference – influencing the customer experience. The product or technology is often only a part of that experience. 

Companies – big and small are now discovering that sales channel competencies are of strategic importance and are investing heavily in it by training and recruiting. 

We see this as an opportunity

for companies to differentiate from the competition and at the same time improve competitiveness, shorten the time-to-market and increase revenues!

Building a customer intimacy strategy, providing solutions that are adapted to specific customer situations, and delivered to the customers through individually tailored channels. This is better achieved and more sustainable for most companies than price- or technology strategies.

You can improve your business performance by developing your channel management capacity and capability in such a way that: 

  • Your offering addresses exactly the needs of the target segments
  • The right channels are designed which can deliver that offering to the pre-defined target segments
  • The market opportunity is addressed quantitatively


Doing business in Asia is fascinating, but also challenging.
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