We believe, that developing and managing sales channels is much more than simply doing partner search and signing distribution agreements. Managing the channels requires smart work processes.  The real question is: what do we have to do in this market to get (more) sales?

We are passionate about creating success for our clients. That’s the only reason we exist.  That’s why our service concept addresses the real challenges companies face when trying to enter a new market or grow in existing markets. It is a systematic process starting from understanding your genuine needs and developing your internal working processes, including how to engage and manage your sales through third party channels. After that we move on to working with you and your team in the target market, which usually but not always includes partner search. After signing a distribution agreement the real work begins. It is essential, that you are firmly in the driver’s seat and that you manage the sales funnel jointly with your channel partner. In case of an OEM or System Integrator partners, this might not be relevant however.


Our approach

Evaluate & Kick off

When the project starts, it is of fundamental importance to lay a solid foundation for all the upcoming activities. We will first carefully analyze and evaluate your company’s situation and needs. This allows us to design the project  scope in such a way, that it addresses exactly your business development needs. Typically we will discuss the following themes with you:

  • Your corporate strategy, competitive advantages and value proposition
  • Your experiences from the Asian market(s) so far, your market knowledge and local competition
  • Your channel management concept, resources and competences
  • Your expectations for the project. How should success look like in the chosen market after implementation of the project?

In addition we will formally kick off the project, agree on schedule, detailed objectives and resources.

Get ready

The scope and content of this phase varies a lot from company to company. We will evaluate, fine-tune and/or develop your channel management concept and tools. There might be a need also to invest in training your sales team. Managing sales channels requires business development skills. It is not about technical sales. Quite often companies have to use change management techniques in order to successfully implement new working processes among sales people, who might not be familiar with professional sales channel management methodologies.
In addition we will fine-tune or develop your value proposition for channel partners and end customer segments