The consultants of Asia Sales Channels Ltd have over the years completed hundreds of assignments across Asia covering multiple industries and all main markets in the region. The scope and content of each client assignment is always individually tailored to address the needs and requirements of the company. Below we present two typical case studies of European companies we have had a privilege to support in their Asia market entry activities.

Case 1:

A bio-refinery technology company.
Their technology converts agricultural residues into bio-ethanol and bio- chemicals

Objectives and scope: 


The purpose of the assignment is to support  and help the company in its efforts to grow in Asian markets in a profitable and sustainable way

General Objectives

To sharpen Company’s business plan by developing company’s approach to access new markets and to establish sales

To successfully establish presence in chosen markets 

Short term objectives (< 1 year)

Clear understanding about the markets in terms of market potential and market attractiveness. Markets are ranked in terms of priority

Sales channels opened in 1-2 new markets, first projects in the pipeline

Long term objectives (> 3 years)

To strengthen companys  own capital base

Reference plants operating in both business lines

The leading player in each selected markets incl. local supplier network

xxx € new turnover 


First project is now under construction in country X in Asia. Multiple projects in the pipeline in several Asian and South American markets.



Case 2:
A multinational energy technology company.
Sales channel development for companys after sales service business in Malaysia and Vietnam for fluidized bed and PC boiler modernizations and retrofits.

Objectives and scope: 


To establish companys sales channels in Malaysia and Vietnam for the after sales business

Project scope

Demand assessment and analysis
Offering and Value Proposition Development
Partner Search 


Good understanding of the market and customers buying behavior
Company's approach tailor made to both markets (offering and value prop)
Best available partners found and engaged for both markets